Sunday, May 30, 2010

Interview with Tessa from Tension of Opposites

What is the best thing that happened since Noelle returned home?

Could you share with us about what life was like before Noelle was kidnapped? What were some of the activities you did together?

Hi Tessa! It is a pleasure to have you today! It has been quite a year hasn't it? First off, could you describe yourself in three words?
Thanks for having me! It has been an interesting year. Difficult, but amazingly perfect all at the same time. If I had to describe myself in three words, I’d say: Quiet – Shy – and Photographer.

Noelle was the best. Always laughing and trying to make me laugh. She could memorize a song the first time she heard it. That drove me crazy; I’d love to have that kind of memory. She liked attention, and never had trouble getting it. We were the cliché of what it means to be best friends: slumber parties, talking about boys, sneaking out of the house late at night . . . you know? Typical stuff.

Slumber parties are fun!

If you could capture one of your favorite moments on camera, which would it be?
Well, it hasn’t happened yet, but if I could dream my favorite moment it would be this: Me and Elle together now that she’s home, hanging out and laughing. It might sound simple, but it’d be this amazing thing if we could let every bad thing drop away and just laugh like we used to.

It hasn’t been one major thing, not since that first day I learned she was alive. It’s all about these little steps we’re taking toward a new friendship. At least, I hope that’s where we’re headed. Sometimes, I’m not so sure she wants to be my friend anymore. But I’m not going to give up.

I heard from one of your classmates that you have been very close with a certain guy... do you think you can share with us your first impression of him?
*blush* Is he going to read this? Because it might make him mad to know how much he freaked me out the day we met. My very first impression of him was that he could be some kind of psychopathic killer. Not that he was coming after me with a butcher knife or anything. Back then, that’s just how my brain was wired when I met some one new, especially alone, out in the woods. Killer or not, I can say I thought he was pretty hot.

Max is hot, indeed!

What are three things that remind you of Max? And why?
Sunflowers, snow, and trees. Some of my favorite moments with him happened while we were out taking pictures. If it wasn’t for photography, I’m not sure I would have opened up and allowed for us to become so close.

Speaking of Max, here he comes now. I don't want to hold both of you up any longer from taking pictures of those gorgeous sunflowers before the sun sets. Thanks for stopping by Tessa! Have a nice day!

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