Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kristina McBride Dishes Out Behind-the-Scenes Trailer Detail

I thought it might be fun for people interested in The Tension of Opposites to learn some interesting facts about the filming of the trailer. I also wanted to answer that little question a few of you who’ve already seen the trailer might be asking, “Where’s the third sister?”

One of my nicknames in life is “Listy Kristi”, so what better way to fill you in on some behind-the-scenes dish?

  1. The trailer was directed and produced by Rocky Smith of Rock V Productions, LLC.
  2. Rocky is a former student of mine, who I was fortunate enough to have in a Film & Literature course while he was a senior in high school. Rocky graduated from Wright State University with a film degree in 2008, and was willing to help me out with the trailer (shwoo!).
  3. I actually had the pleasure of assisting Rocky during the editorial process of the trailer’s creation, analyzing every single frame of the footage along with him.
  4. Rocky coaches cheerleading at a sports center near Dayton, and he pulled the girls who play Tessa & Noelle, and a third who performed the voiceover, from his competitive squad. The guy playing Max is an actor/director who Rocky worked with on a film project through Wright State University.
  5. They are all still in high school, if you can believe that!
  6. While filming the scenes in the dead sunflower field, Rocky and “Elle” suffered the icky-sticky issue of ankle-deep mud. They say they got a very good workout that day!
  7. The Three Sisters, a very important location in the book, actually exist in Sugarcreek Nature Reserve near Dayton, Ohio.
  8. The Three Sisters is one of my all time favorite locations – I hike there whenever I can find a few hours to spare.
  9. Sadly, the middle sister, who had been weakened due to an earlier fire, fell to the ground during the summer of 2008.
  10. I learned about her fall just as I began lengthy revisions on my manuscript, and was so upset that I would never see her standing again. But I felt proud that I had memorialized one of my favorite spots in my debut novel.

Now that you've read the Behind-the-Scenes secrets, check out the trailer!

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