Thursday, January 7, 2010

Interview With Valentin Faust

Someone once said that 'French is the language that turns dirt into romance.' Valentin knew this to be true because he lived in Paris, and when he wasn't feeling romantic, he was feeling like dirt. (Page 10-11, Another Faust ARC)

Tell us your favourite memory of home.
Our maid.

How has Madame Vileroy been treating you?
Oh we’re thick as thieves, we are.

Who are you closest to?
I feel a certain closeness to you, right now. Maybe we should see where this goes?

*blush* Maybe next time. ;) What would you say your best trait is?
The ability to recognize genius when I see it.

What was your first experience in using your powers?

What's the ultimate goal for you?
Perfect score on the Maxim 100 test.

Rewriting real life scenes must be exhausting, using up your creativity. What's the one scene you've rewritten that you're most proud of?
Well, it used to be Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Faust for a couple weeks…

Is there any writer or poet that has influenced you in any way?
I try not to be influenced by other writers; that way it’s just me and my reader. Outside influence is a third wheel. I go for that.

Can you write a short poem for our readers here? Describe Another Faust in a poem.
Well, I just wrote this one myself:
I’m not plagued by doubt or scruple,
Scared by neither Hell nor Devil –
Instead all Joy is snatched away,
What’s worth knowing, I can’t say.

Thanks for the interview and poem, Valentin!

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