Thursday, January 7, 2010

Interview With Christian Faust

As he squeezed his eyes closed, Christian wished for anything but this. He'd give anything not to be hungry all the time. But he didn't have anything to give, and so it was useless to wish. (Page 7, Another Faust ARC)

Tell us your favourite memory of home.
My mom used to make a full breakfast, the works, every Sunday.

How has Madame Vileroy been treating you?
No different than anyone else, I guess. Whatever.

Who are you closest to?
Bice. I was in a jam, once, and she was the only one who was sitting by me when I woke up.

What was your first experience in using your powers?
I won the junior national Olympics in five sports. Can’t do that without some help.

What's your favourite sport? What is it exactly that you love so much about it?
Football. You can slam into people and no one can sue for assault and battery.

How much experience in sports do you have?
Practically none. When I touch somebody, it’s weird. Their muscle memory transfers over. It’s like gaining instinct. I go to a lot of meet-and-greets for sports stars. It’s good to shake their hands.

What's the ultimate goal for you?
Endorsements from Adidas and Nike at the same time.

What other skills, other than sports do you have?
Isn’t that enough? I write sometimes. But, I mean, I can play ALL of them.

Thanks for the interview, Christian!

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