Thursday, January 7, 2010

Interview With Madame Vileroy

In a corner, partially hidden by a shadow, sat a lady. She was blond and covered from head to toe in a flowing black overcoat, as if she were afraid that a single drop of sunlight would enter the house and burn her up. (Page 15, Another Faust ARC)

Tell us your favourite memory of home.
Why don’t you tell me yours, dear?

Naww, this interview is all about you. ;) How have the children been?
Wonderful. They’ve been brave enough to give up everything, and now they have everything. That’s how the world works.

It must be hard, raising five children. Why did you decide to do so?
Raising? What a silly choice of words. I’m not their wet nurse, dear.

Why these five children in particular?
Because they were willing.

Did they decide to follow you of their own free will?
Of course. That’s how it works.

Is there a contract you ask them to sign?
Always. But you can only see it if you show me the mark of a willing heart.

Why did you decide to take these five children away from their homes, and then debut them 5 years later with powers?
I didn’t “take” them. They came to me. As for debuts, what debut? Are you talking about that Christmas party? Why should that be called a debut? You don’t know how many great things they did in the years after they joined my household. But that’s the thing about humans. They think that all stories begin at the moment they stumble upon it. Do you think that I as born at the beginning of chapter 1?

Do you have any powers of your own?
Why do you ask, dear? Is there a particular power that you’d like to have over the world? Is there something you crave?

*panics* No, no, really, we should keep this about you. What's the ultimate goal for you?
Only to help my children.

What are you exactly?
Only a mother. A protector.

Do you celebrate any occasions, like... Christmas?
I celebrate. Not single days, but the kind of achievements that happen over the ages.

What else can we expect from you?
Whatever you like.

Thanks for that scintillating yet slightly creepy interview, Madame Vileroy!

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