Thursday, January 7, 2010

TENtalizing Tidbits: SEA ARCs

Heidi R Kling just got a box of SEA ARCs! Here's a Twitterview (Twinterview?) with Heidi and the pweeeety ARC #3.

How does it feel like to have your hands on the ARCs of your very first novel?
Very surreal. And exciting! I'm so grateful to the people at Putnam for creating such a lovely image for my words.

How does it look like, RIGHT NOW? Shineee, in a box, hiding in a safe..
One ARC is sitting next to me on the couch. The other one is sipping tea. Another is watching Gossip Girl..they are all here with me.

@SharonLovesCats: Are you petting them?
YES. They are more purpley in real life--the back cover color is remarkable. I want to drink it. And it's 336 pages! Also, the chin is on the first page!

Ahh, Gossip Girl ey? Hey, ARC! Who are you most a fan of on Gossip Girl?
ARC #3 is a fan of Hillary Duff. She especially likes her hat. When she takes human form she is going to buy one just like it.

Do you have a fight to see who gets to meet Heidi first?
ARC #3: Fortunately, I was at the top of the pile so I get Top Notch COUCH positioning. My bros and sisters are piled on the wicker trunk.

You have a lot of people wanting to meet you. Wanna do a shout out to them?
ARC #3: Hey everybody! For the next two seasons I will do everything in my power to escape from my master's cruel grip so I can get to you!

Thanks so much for that interview, Heidi and ARC #3! Have a great day ahead!
You too! Me and the ARC's thank you. =))

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