Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Video interview with Janet Fox

Hi everyone! Today I have a very special treat for you, my very first author video interview. This video was shot at the fabulous Books of Wonder in NYC (you can see their famous Wizard of Oz books collection in the background!) Janet is so very sweet and amazing that she took time after the Class of 2k10 book signing in order to chat with me about her recent book Faithful. Alea, of Pop Culture Junkie, was kind enough to be my videographer and after filming was done she rushed to the front and picked up Janet's book. I apologize for some of the background noise that is heard and if you have trouble hearing all of the interview just let me know and I'll transcribe it below. Janet was very sweet and I had a lot of fun doing this. As always I'm incredibly awkward and dorky....but I think its becoming part of my just ignore me and focus on Janet!

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