Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Learning More About Logan

When I had the chance to interview Aura, wouldn't you know it Logan was there too...I just couldn't see or hear him! Aura acted as a mediator for me, I had so many questions for him (but as you can see we had to cut it short). In case you haven't read Shade yet, there are two guys in Aura's life: Logan & Zachary. I must admit I was leaning more towards team Zachary when reading the book, but Logan just may have have won me over, I'm not so sure anymore!

If you could go back in time and change one thing (besides your death) what would it be?

I wish I’d played that song for Aura, the one I wrote for her. I thought there’d be another chance. I thought there’d be lots more chances for lots more things.

God, sorry, that sounds pathetic. I’m not really like that. Mostly I don’t bother with regrets. Life’s too short, y’know? Especially mine. Jeez, I’m getting worse, aren’t I? Next question?

Now that you are a spirit, what do you miss most?

Well, obviously the big loss is not being able to touch Aura. Sometimes I sit and close my eyes, try to relive what that was like. It’s like if I could just concentrate hard enough, I could conjure up the feel of her skin and hair and put that feeling back into my fingertips. I can almost get there, but not quite.

I also miss holding a guitar—in my head I still know all the chords and how to play, but so much of that is muscle memory. And I miss being able to reach everyone with my voice instead of just a few people.

And this is going to sound weird, but I miss sleep. It’s driving me crazy, never being able to turn off my brain. Well, not my brain, since that’s dead. My mind, I guess. Anyway, it’s exhausting. And boring.

What is the coolest thing you've discovered?

Once when I was a kid, my family went to Ireland on vacation. Since ghosts can go anywhere they went during their lives, I can be back in Dublin in less than a second. Watch.

*disappears, then reappears*

Freaking awesome, right? I was way too starry-eyed when I went as a kid to really notice much—a place that incredible, you just can’t take it all in, not in one measly week. So now when I go back, I check out all the little things, like the ducks in the ponds at St. Stephen’s Green. When you’re a ghost, you can sit right next to them and they don’t care. It’s pretty cool.

Another cool thing is that I can get into shows for free and listen to any band I want, as long as I’ve been to that club or whatever before, and if it’s not BlackBoxed to keep out ghosts. But any place worth going wouldn’t be able to afford BlackBoxing.

Who is your favorite band/song?

Definitely “Devil’s Dance Floor” by Flogging Molly. It’s got this insane energy—I was never so alive as when that song was playing. Our band practiced it for months before we got it right. Now when we do it onstage, I feel like a god.

I mean, I felt like a god. Sorry, I still slip up my past and present tenses sometimes. Not on purpose, swear.

What do you think of Zachary?

I thought these were all gonna be easy questions. I really have to answer this?

OK, fine. I try not to think of that guy. I can’t see him and he can’t see me, and even if we could see each other, I couldn’t pound his head into the wall like I want to. So what’s the point of thinking of him?

But I guess if Aura likes him, he can’t be a total waste. She’s a good judge of people. And if I really loved her, I should want her to move on, right? We obviously have no future. Maybe it would even help me pass on if I knew she’d be okay, if I knew she’d find happiness with a good guy, like he probably is. Right?

No. Screw that. I want to kill him.

Oops, sorry Logan! Calm down, don't go Shade on us... think of Aura!

Along with my interview tomorrow, you will also have a chance to ask Jeri some questions!

Also, just a reminder there's a few days left to enter to win a SIGNED copy of Shade (click here)!

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Book Crazy Jenn said...

OMG I SOOOOOO have to read this book - LIKE NOW! This is awesome, it sounds sooo amazing! Book Store here I come I think...EAK...

Karen said...

I know everyone is falling for the scottich accent and there's probably no hope but I'm sticking with Logan even if Aura won't :-))
Fun interview!

Mel (He Followed Me Home) said...

Jenn ~ yes you do!

Karen ~ too funny that you say that, it sure worked on me :)

Shanise said...

I have been searching everywhere. But I can't find your "follow" link. So please "un-hide" it!

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