Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Chat with Aura from SHADE

Aura is the main character in Shade. Her life right now has gotten a bit weird, even for her! Not only does she lose her boyfriend to an accidental overdose & continue seeing him, she meets Zachary who has his own secrets & possibly answers about the Shift that she is eager to uncover. I had the opportunity to ask Aura a few questions, so sit back, grab your coffe & enjoy!

How long have you know you were 'special'?

It’s funny, when I was really young I didn’t know I was special. My whole life, the world has had two kinds of people: the living—who are solid and come in all colors—and ghosts, who glow in violet and are completely untouchable. In nursery school, most of my friends could see ghosts, too. I thought it was something kids could do and grownups couldn’t, like ride a tricycle or do a somersault without hurting themselves.

It wasn’t until I started playing with some of the older kids in the neighborhood (like Logan, who’s two months older) that I realized it wasn’t just grownups who couldn’t see ghosts. I think I was in kindergarten when I found out that my birthday was the same day as the Shift. Eventually I found out that it happened the minute I was born. Which was pretty freaky.

Do you believe in fate?

No. That’s depressing.

Do you appreciate being born post-Shift since it means you are able to spend more time with Logan?

Definitely. I think Logan’s death has been even harder on his older brother and sister who can’t see him—and of course on his parents. Pre-Shifters have a totally different view of ghosthood than we do. To them it’s a curse. They think it means the person’s soul is suffering, or that they’re in purgatory or something. But not all ghosts are miserable. Just ask Logan.

Now the flip side of the coin, is it harder to accept Logan is gone as he is still able to visit you in spirit?

Yes! Because he’s still him. It’s not like ghosts in books or movies where they just float around moaning (not that real ghosts don’t moan—they do, A LOT). Logan is really here, every way but physically. We still have normal conversations. In some ways we’re closer than when he was alive.

So it’s like, am I still his girlfriend? How long can we make this work? Am I the weirdest girl ever? I mean, I know he’s not coming back to life. But he still feels so real. No—he IS real, because who he is, is much more than just a body.

What's up with you and Zachary?

Good question, and honestly, I don’t know. In a lot of ways, he’s the perfect guy for me, but right now is so not the perfect time. I don’t know how long I can expect him to wait around, though, before he gives up. Because Becca’s always lurking, and even though she’s a monster, she’s a really hot, rich monster. Most guys would kill to be with her.

Thanks Aura!

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Also, just a heads up as Thursday's post will be an interview I had with Jeri. She also offered to pop in during the day giving you, the readers, an opportunity to ask her some questions. I'm going to make this easy-peasy: when the Thursday post is up, all you need to do is ask your questions in the comments :)

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Book Crazy Jenn said...

OH I cant wait to get my hands on a copy of Shade, it sounds like EVERYTHING a good book should be! Wonderful interview.

Karen said...

That's what I love so much about this book - the "big" questions it brings up. It really made me think about all the different sides of those involved.
Becca huh??? Go for it so my girl Aura can be with Logan :-))

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