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Secrets of A Cindy Society

First thing: have you read The Cinderella Society? If 'Yes', please proceed. If your answer is a 'No', please hold from peeking in by cling the 'Read More' button. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION AHEAD.

...I saw you peeking. Just like me, I bet you have questions in your mind after reading TCS right? Like, do the Wickeds call themselves Wickeds? Here to answer some of those burning queries is Kay Cassidy herself.

What do the Wickeds call themselves, because it seems odd for them to call themselves Wickeds, unless they treat it as a status.

The Wickeds refer to themselves as the Delectae (Latin for The Chosen Ones). This clarification was added to the book during copyedits after the ARCs had already gone out. So that's one of the little nuggets you'll only find in the finished book. J

What do they call the Cindys (Cindies?), Villains and Prince Charmings? I just don't think that they have the same perception of those people as the Cindys do, yknow? :P

The Wickeds don't call them anything. If they have to refer to the Cindys, they usually do so by individual name or by simply saying "them". Giving the Cindys a group label would suggest that they are worth recognizing and that's something the Wickeds flatly refuse to do. You're either a Delectae or nothing.

How did you get those modeling and fashion tips?! Are you actually a model? I know you're a Cindy, could that be it?

LOL. I'll never tell. ;-) Actually, my mom was a model so she helped me with the scene where Jess is with Lorraine. The fashion part was thanks to a lot of research, help from author bud Melissa Walker (who is a fashion goddess), and from Bradley Bayou's fabulous The Science of Sexy (which is about fashion, not sex. Just in case anyone is wondering). I highly recommend Bayou's book for learning how to dress to flatter your figure.

Those tips are one of my favourite parts of TCS, and I'm just loving the makeover montage that's playing in my head. Will we get to read more of such events in TCS 2?

Most of the makeover stuff happens right at the beginning of a Cindy's Alpha training, in keeping with the Cinderella theme. By the time The Cinderella Society ends, most of the glitzy makeover stuff has already been taken care of. The goal is to help them find their signature style – the look that makes them feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Once they've figured out what's right for them, the Cindys can pretty much manage that on their own. (Along with the occasional PSC to keep their skills sharp.) ;-)

How did you come up with the idea of high heels as the official 'mascot' of TCS?

With a Cinderella theme, I had to do it! J But that's mostly just for fun. The true mascot of The Cinderella Society is the butterfly. It reminds me of my favorite saying,

"Just when the caterpillar thought it's life was over;
It became a butterfly."

Sometimes you have to completely deconstruct your world to find the person you've always secretly known you could be. That's true for people just like it is for caterpillars.

Do you have any more questions for Kay? Leave it below!

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