Monday, April 19, 2010

The Kind of Cinderella Day I Wish for Every Girl (and Woman Too) by Kay Cassidy

The Cinderella Society is all about being the best you can be. The Cindys live by the creed "Celebrate your strength – Embrace your future – Be extraordinary". They support each other in living that every day and we can too. Here's the kind of Cinderella Society day I wish for you:

-- To look in the mirror and like who you see

People come in all shapes and sizes. As Gaby says in The Cinderella Society, "there's no such thing as cookie cutter." Find what works for you with fashion and beauty instead of trying to look like someone else. Being comfortable in your own skin is priceless whether you're 16 or 60.

-- To have someone you care about tell you how special you are

Having someone you care about see the value in you is wonderful. But having them tell you how they feel is even sweeter. I love getting a thumbs up, don’t you? Just remember what Sarah Jane says in TCS, that the only thumbs that matter are yours.

-- To know that no matter who has you in their sights that day, someone has your back

Making sure someone has your back is something the Cindys are devoted to, whether it's watching each other's back or having the back of the Reggies who are being targeted by the Wickeds. I hope you have someone to get your back when you need it, just like you can get theirs. As Jess well knows, there is safety in numbers.

-- To know that you are capable of great things

As Jess discovers, there's a lot more to The Cinderella Society than ultimate makeovers and Sisterhood. She has to blaze her own path in life, just like we all do. And there's SO much we're capable of. The universe is just waiting for you. Can you hear it? It's saying "Okay, I'm ready. Let's take this destiny for a spin, baby!"

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