Friday, January 8, 2010

Things you should know about Kami Garcia and Margie Stohl

Here are the authors of Beautiful Creatures themeselves, Kami and Margie, to tell you more about the other person.

Things You Probably Don’t Know About Margie
1. Margie is the queen of disaster preparedness. She has huge water drums in her laundry room and who knows what else. But if there’s an earthquake, you want to be at her house.

2. Margie could easily live on: marzipan, Wheat Thins with cream cheese, beans, and Diet Coke. (Generally, not in the same meal.)

3. She likes See’s candy, not Godiva. Starbucks, not Coffee Bean. The taco truck, not the fancy Mexican place down the street.

4. She knows more - about more things - than anyone I know. Who else can recite Eudora Welty and Stevie Smith poems from memory and tell you almost every item they unearthed on the Wilkes Expedition? (Do you know what the Wilkes Expedition is? I had to look it up.)

5. Margie is fiercely loyal. If you mess with the people she loves, she’ll take you down.

6. She is the best writer I know. And the best friend.

Things I KNOW you don’t know about Kami:
1. Kami is small but scrappy. That’s right, her stepfather was a cop, and she can Take You Down. When not busy breaking out of the locked trunk of a car, which (of course) she can. Muggers of the world, hear me now: she only looks small. Run, I say – RUN!

2. Kami does not like Crap On Things. Her hamburger: plain, well done, ketchup only. Her pizza: cheese. Her sandwich; turkey, plain. But if you don’t put extra ice in her Diet Coke, she will know. I don’t know how, but she will. Trust me.

3. Kami expects things to be difficult, but does believe anything is impossible. As a result, she routinely does things – and gets you to do things - you never thought she or you (or anyone in their right mind) could do.

4. Mrs. Garcia can get any child to become ten times the reader they were at the beginning of her class by expecting them to, believing they can, and telling them how. Same goes for writing partners. Same for friends.

5. Aside from writing, Kami is famous for her paintings, her photography, and her crab cakes. Her only flaw is her irrational hatred of commas. (Even if some people love them abusively.)

6. Kami is the one person you want with you in the trenches. Which is, I guess, why she is the one person with me in the trenches. Because,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

7. Kami has your back.

That made me go :3, right guys?

Photo credits to Alex Hoerner.

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