Friday, July 9, 2010

Sam's Support

Hello everyone! Today Change of Heart week continues with an interview with Sam. Sam is an important character to the story as he is Emmi's boyfriend. Sam and Emmi start going out right before she gets sick and so their relationship is really new and they both go through a lot during the course of the book. Please welcome Sam to the blog and I hope you enjoy learning more about him.

Full Name: Samuel Paul Hunter
Nickname: Sam
Age: 16
Favorite food: Hamburgers, except when I’m training, then it’s steamed fish (only kidding—I hate steamed fish).
Favorite color: Navy Blue
Favorite number: 12-my baseball number
Favorite kind of music: Rap

Please tell us a little about you. 

I play baseball for North Village High. Unlike a lot of my buddies, I’m pretty good at school and that’s important to me. I mean, I love sports and hanging out and talking about hot girls, but I also want to do other things, too.

What do you like to do in your free time? 

Right now I mainly study and play ball. I’ve been hanging with Emmi, which has been fun, too, even if she can’t do that much.

What has it been like dealing with Emmi’s heart condition? 

I’m trying to be patient about it, but sometimes it’s a bummer—on a lot of levels, if you know what I mean. It would be nice to be able to take her out or to do something a little more active than sitting on her couch. She’s been pretty brave, so I’m trying to be brave, too, but once in a while I realize how sick she is and it’s scary.

Has your life changed at all as a result of Emmi’s illness and near death experience?

Totally. I’m more aware of death and dying. I’ve been a little nicer to my parents and am trying to be nicer to my sisters.

 What is one of your favorite memories of Emmi?

The thing that made me notice her was when she scored those two goals in the last minute of her soccer game. She was amazing. I don’t like prissy girls and think it’s very cool that she’s such a good athlete.

Is there anything else you might want people to know about you?

As I mentioned before, I’m more than a dumb jock. Sports are cool, but I know that it’s academics that will get me somewhere. 

Thanks for stopping by Sam! If you would like to learn more about Sam then be sure to pick up a copy of Change of Heart by Shari Maurer today. 

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