Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What would Heidi do if the world ends tomorrow?

What would I do if the world is ending tomorrow?

Well that would depend.

Is it ending due to a) zombie apocalypse? b) 2012? Because on our way to the beach this past weekend we were driving on a windy, coastal mountain road and bicycles kept shooting us strange signals with their hands like "Something is ahead," and since we are a bit of a zany family, we were like, "What if that something is ZOMBIES?" and we imagined them walking slowly up this winding road and were running ideas--like, "We could run them over? We can try and knock their brains out with our bow staffs?" etc., so it turned out to be not zombies, but what were they warning us about? I guessed a tsunami, since there are tsunami warning signs with arrows in Half Moon Bay--like in case of tsunami this is a safe spot--but I figured we'd know about that, and that the bicyclists wouldn't be so calm---so who knows what it was?

We never found out.

This is so ramblingly, but I guess if the world ending tomorrow I'd just do what I was doing. Surround myself with people I loved, and pray. Pray that our world wasn't ending due to slow-walking zombies rambling up a mountain road or a devastating tsunami that washed over the entire earth. o_O

Thanks for having me!

Thanks Heidi! Just a gentle reminder, Sea releases tomorrow, June 10th! You can buy Sea at Book Depository or Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

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