Monday, May 24, 2010

The Tension of Opposites release week!

Hey my fellow YA readers, this week we are celebrating the release of The Tension of Opposites by Kristina McBride!

Here is the schedule:
Monday: Author interview
Tuesday: Guest blog on National Missing Children’s Day and how it is related to The Tension of Opposites. It is also the RELEASE DAY!!
Wednesday: Guest Blog by in which Kristina McBride Dishes Out Behind-the-Scenes Trailer Details
Thursday: Character interview with Tessa
Friday: Giveaway
Saturday: Twitter Chat (8-9 PM EST, be there!)

If you spotted Tension of Opposites at your bookstore, let me know! You can take a picture and @reply it to me on Twitter and I'll RT it.

And if you missed it, here are the teasers of posted on YA Roundup's Twitter! None of them are spoilery! Enjoy! (And if you want more book teasers, follow YA Roundup!)

Teaser 1: It wasn't enough, just knowing that Noelle was alive and on her way back to us. So I sat there wondering if Noelle had screamed when she was taken. And if she had, why hadn't anyone heard?
Teaser 2: "That," he said with a grin, "is exactly why I like you."
Teaser 3: I had to stop myself from thinking about how much I liked being so close to him, and how sweet the grape jelly-bean scent was that rode Max's delicious breath, making me want to taste his tongue.
Teaser 4: Her goal in life was to make her way to a stage to feel the heat of a spotlight shining down on her face.
Teaser 5: I had told myself for two years that if Noelle couldn't experience that giddy, falling-in-love sensation, I wouldn't either.

You can buy Tension of Opposites at Book Depository or Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

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