Friday, March 12, 2010

Just for "You"

I had read somewhere (Judith's blog maybe?) that she liked to write songs about her cool is this!!! (note: you may need to turn up the volume & I have included the lyrics below).



G C Am C
You said I was something else - well, it made me nervous

Lackluster lifetimes I have danced around this circus

You were hoping I would stay so I made my escape

Rattled off a few trite words and ya put it down to fate


You made me high / You, you made me high / You….you….

I guess we’ll have no more weekend warrior adventures
Not in this sorrow till I get myself together
You were hoping I’d come clean, I’d admit to nothing
Rather bite off my own tongue than eat my heart out when you’re gone


Well it’s on and on and on we go
Well it’s on and on and on we go
Well it’s on and on and on…we….go….

You said I was something else, well, it made me nervous
What if your hands can do more than scratch beneath my surface…


Thanks to everyone who entered the contest...and asked a question :)  Sorry we couldn't get to all the questions, but this month Judith has a blog tour going on as well! Judith was such a sport and answered  many more questions asked by you guys - here are her answers...

  • The Skinned series is made up of 3 books. UMS, Second Skin and Skin of My Teeth. I have other projects in the works – some with paranormal creatures and some without.
  • I didn’t actually dedicate the book to any one person (there are many important people in my life and I didn’t want to choose between them). I thanked my family and friends and all the folks who worked hard to bring UMS to life. Thanks guys!
  • When I found out UMS was going to get published I celebrated for about five minutes, then I started on edits.
  • Kids at my school know that I have a book coming out. They’re elementary students though and most of them probably won’t be reading UMS. But I do pop into classes and talk about the writing process or editing or story beginnings, etc. That’s always a blast for me.
  • How much influence did Willow have? HA! If she had her way, UMS would be one line from start to finish and I’d never write again. We’d spend all day swimming at the lake, or fetching sticks or hiking in the woods, or sleeping by the fireplace...hmm…maybe she’s got the right idea.
  • What do I get up to at lunch time at school? Lol…..I think I know who asked that question. I write, of course! I usually hide in the back of the staff room with my laptop and iPod – the rest of the world does not exist.
  • How does it feel to be a debut author? Like I ate too many of those little cinnamon donuts at the Fair and then went ten rounds on the Tilt-A-Whirl. A pukefest is imminent.
  • What is the one comment I’d like to hear after someone has read UMS? “When’s book 2 coming out?”
  • Writer’s block. I don’t believe in it – I do however, admit there are times when writing is the last thing I feel like doing. Like when I have edits for example – and I’m not in that “first draft / first love” excitement faze. The writing is actually work. To get out of this slump, I have one main technique (besides eating chocolate – which threatens my skinny jeans love, and leads to extra treadmill time – AKA…not really worth it). I either watch a great movie or read a great book. That’s all I need to get inspired and get my ass back in the chair.
  • Love that I got kicked out of book clubs, do ya? Lol…yeah, I get myself in trouble sometimes. ;) UMS started with a “What if?”. What if paranormal creatures converged on a small town? What if there was this girl stuck in the middle of it all? What if the girl wasn’t quite human? What if yadda, yadda, yadda…..  For me, my stories come from “What if? or And then what happened?

Thanks to everyone who participated, I hope you had a fun week with Judith & Under My Skin!

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Quite the multi-talented author, no? Congrats to Elaine!!

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