Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Smitten with Tessa

As a part of The Naughty List week, I have an interview with the fab main character, Tessa. She's the head cheerleader and the head of SOS, a secret group of cheerleaders who also investigate maybe-cheating boyfriends.

She's totally fun, and without further ado, here is her interview:

1) How do you find time for cheerleading, school, your boyfriend, your friends, family and your *cough* missions? Do you feel a lot of pressure?
Pressure only makes me strive harder. If I crumble, my squad comes with me. So sometimes, to deal with the stress, I meditate. Or sneak in my boyfriend’s window.

2) What do you never leave the house without?
Nail polish. *giggle*

3) What's with the giggle, Tessa? ;P When did you start using the phrase "strawberry smoothie" and others like it? Which phrase is your favorite?
Since I was in seventh grade I have been working toward improving the image of cheerleaders. I think we should be a positive influence of school spirit! So I cut out the swearing and instead chose more appropriate terms. Now, strawberry smoothie is mostly for my boyfriend—and totally my favorite. Aiden is smooth. And strawberries are yummy. Enough said.

4) What's your favorite date Aiden has taken you on?
It was actually this time last year when I had the flu. It was awful! But Aiden showed up at my house (my parents were out playing a gig in Seattle) with a fuzzy new bathrobe for me, a hot water bottle, and huge pot of soup—THAT HE MADE HIMSELF. Of course it was disgusting, but it didn’t stop me from trying to eat it. Eventually we ended up on the couch watching a documentary about the solar system while he rubbed my feet. He’s completely considerate.

5) What are your favorite things RIGHT NOW?
I love reading—especially good mysteries. I also love vanilla frappucinos, pink champagne nail polish and a really sturdy bobbie pin. Um… for my hair!


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