Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tea And Biscuits With The Cast And Crew of Theatre Illuminata

When I was invited to tea by the lovely cast and crew from Theatre Illuminata, I wasn't prepared for what was to come. Armed with a platter of colourful cupcakes, I managed to keep my composure and conduct a reasonable interview. Warning: whatever is posted here cannot be... ahhh! Attack of the glitterfetti!

OMG OMG OMG! I can’t believe I’m actually interviewing you. *goes into fangirl mode* Ahem... I mean, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed! How has Lisa been treating you? ;)
Bertie: Not very well, actually. There seems to be this never-ending "let's fling more obstacles at my character" thing that I don't really appreciate. *glower*
Moth: And there is a decided LACK OF PIE.
Mustardseed: We protest!
Peaseblossom: Lisa encourages the boys' bad habits!
Cobweb: Darn tootin'. *appropriate sound effect here*

Let’s talk about sweets. In particular, why cupcakes? *offers a platter of colourful cupcakes*
Moth: Why NOT cupcakes?
Mustardseed: Yeah, what do you have against cupcakes?!
Cobweb: They make good trampolines!
Peaseblossom: *licking her fingers* Cupcakes are the perfect ratio of cake to frosting.

I’m hungry. Is that a stash of sweets hidden under the bed?

Bertie: No--
Peaseblossom: Oh, Bertie!
Moth: You've been holding out on us!
*much crashing as the boys dive under the bed*

Whoops! Tell us more about yourself. Did Lisa have to interview you? Will we get to know more about you?
Bertie: She didn't interview me, or I never would have let her put me in the high heels.
Peaseblossom: She didn't ask me questions, but I would have been ready!
Moth: And I!
Mustardseed: Dang it, I was going to say that!
Cobweb: That was totally my line, too...

How’s living in Theatre Illuminata like? Is it weird?
Moth: Who told you it was weird?
Mustardseed: I think she's been spying on us!
Me: Uh oh! Looks like I've been found out. Change of topic, quick! Living there without TV or the Internet must be boring! How do you cope?!
*matching blank stares and mumbles of "Internet?" and "What the heck is that?"*

It's an instrument of MAYJAH AWESOMESAUCE. What’s your favourite prank to play on The Stage Manager?
Moth: Oh! Oh! The one with the dead fish!
Bertie: Yeah. *glances at her bed* They like that one.

I’m sure you’ve heard that you’ve gained a massive following from readers all over the world. What would you say to them?
Moth: *waving his hands* Get that camera out of my face!
Mustardseed: No autographs, please!
Peaseblossom: You like me! You really, really like me!

What’s one of your favourite memories in Theatre Illuminata?
Moth: Bertie was a very sweet baby--
Cobweb: She had dimpled knees.
Peaseblossom: And cheeks.
Mustardseed: Both sets!
Bertie: YOU SHUT UP.

Lastly, why should we read Eyes Like Stars? Other than the fact that we can get to know more about you!
Peaseblossom: Every time you read it, a fairy gets its wings!

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