Friday, January 8, 2010

Hush, Hush Breaking News: Meet Patch!

Credits go to FallenArchangel.

...or Drew Doyon. Check out his portfolio here. The below picture is NSFW/S... but I betcha gonna look.

Credits go to So-FauxReal.

Becca chose him to be the model for Patch due to this picture.

Caught you staring! You readers who aren't using a school network which restricts your use of the Internet to read an interview of absolute awesomeness, count yourselves lucky. Think of the poor souls stuck in school now. *cough*ME*cough* Head on over to to ohh and ahh over said interview, and the forum to gush about the majestic reveal.

FallenArchangel asks that we do not repost the feature on our blogs (boo hoo hoo), so I'll just show you one of my favourite parts of the interview. It's kind of sad, cos I had a lot of remarks, but join me in the forum so we can gush together! I hope they don't mind me posting just a snippet of the interview. If they do, I'll cut that part out.

FA: Are you a reader? What sort of books do you read? Favorite book?

DD: To be honest, I wasn’t a huge reader before this book came out. I was usually so worn out from reading for school that it was hard for me to actually enjoy it. I’m so glad I was a part of this project because it has sparked the part of me that enjoys reading. Favorite book is easy, Hush, Hush. Not only is it a great book, but I’m on the cover! I can’t wait to read the future books!

Stroking the book cover seems so wrong now. *frowns* For more Drew, check out the link I'm spamming again here. Want to know the best part? Drew will be the featured guest on this Sunday's live chat at 10pm EST. This chat is only for forum members, so head on there and sign up as a member!

P.S.- Guess what this week's query trend is: angels!

Particularly angels tempting girls with their "smoking hot bods and snowy snowy wings."

-Nathan Bransford- Literary Agent

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