Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hottie McHott aka Angelo Tells Us More About...

Angelo, Have you always lived on the island where Kenzie now lives?
I don’t live on her island. I live across the channel from her. There are hundreds of islands here, you know. And yep, I was born in the Keys, but my parents came from Cuba.

Do you get bored living so far from the mainland? Kenzie seems to think there’s nothing to do.
Yeah, sometimes. I’ve been to Miami, and it’s an amazing place. Like being in movie-star city. Gotta say the beach scene is… (He whistles through his teeth.) uh… cool. Exciting stuff. Bright lights. Awesome music. But it’s too crowded for me. Gotta say, I’d rather be cruising in my boat on open water than sitting in a line of traffic. Yeah. About Kenzie. She doesn’t have a clue. If she ever quits treating us locals like dumb hicks she might make some friends who’d fill her in.

What music is on your play list?
*scoffs* My play list? Like when would I get to listen? I don’t have much free time. When I can, I play Green Day, Black-eyed Peas, Lady Gaga. Stuff like that. Some Latin beats. I can actually get Dad to play Nelly Furtado. When school’s out I work at Dad’s fish house, and they keep the local radio station on. It’s mostly country or oldies. And out fishing, I don’t play anything, even on my iPod. I’d miss key clues—

Wait. Clues? Sorry, I don’t get that.
Clues to finding fish. Like faint ripples or splashes or the sound of diving birds. And I don’t want to spook fish with sound vibrations. About the only time I can rock out is when I’m on my bike or skateboard.

Finding fish? Wow that's quite a different lifestyle you have as compared to Kenzie's in New York. Speaking of Kenzie, I am rather curious about how the both of you met...

Readers, we will be back on Friday with exclusive excerpts of the first time Angelo and Kenzie met in both their point of views! Not only that, there will be some illustrations from the book too!


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